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We issue a number of products aimed to give brand owners, packaging technologists and supply chain contributors an insight into technical issues.

Title Influences for Packaging to 2023 Type Book

Authors Richard Jotcham and Clifford Crosfield Published May 2017

Price (minus VAT) 200.00 (US$280.00) Postage included More info...

Also available as a PDF

A new series of technical reports published by Axess Technologies. Each report provides excellent, current information on a specific security technology sector. Aimed at both technical staff and others who have an interest in security technologies, the reports are clear and concise in content and cover the following areas:

Manufacturing Processes
Security Features
Industry Examples
Future Developments
Glossary of Terms

Each report contains between 25 and 50 pages providing an useful, ready to hand guide to each technology subject. Six reports are planned for this series, these can be collected to provide an unique reference library for your organisation.

Title Security Substrates Type Report

Published March 2003 Edited/Updated 2009

Price (minus VAT) 75.00 (US$120.00) More info and purchase....

Title Interactive Overt Features Type Report

Published April 2003 Edited/Updated 2010

Price (minus VAT) 95.00 (US$160.00) More info and purchase....

Title Security Holograms Type Report

Published December 2003 Edited/Updated 2009

Price (minus VAT) 90.00 (US$150.00) More info and purchase....

Title Security Paper Threads Type Report

Published January 2005

Price (minus VAT) 105.00 (US$170.00) More info and purchase....

Title Defining and Implementing a Brand Protection Strategy

Type DVD Published March 2009

Price (minus VAT) 64.00 (US$120.00) More info and purchase....